Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Route 66 Bike Trail in Illinois

From the October 29th Bloomington (Il) Pantagraph.

McLean County in Illinois is slated to get $1.5 million for a stretch of bike trail to be built along the old Route 66. This will go to making a 4 mile stretch between County Road 29 in Towanda and Normal's Shelbourne Drive. The local share of the project will be #386,000.

The engineering report will be completed by 2011 and the whole project in place by 2012.

The Historic Route 66 Bike Trail will eventually run 370 miles from Chicago to the Missouri state line and run along the former roadway of Route 66 and Illinois Highway 4.

Part of it is completed between Towanda and Lexington. An additional 4.5 mile stretch southwest of Bloomington to Shirley opened a month ago.

Then You Can Drive It or Bike It. --RoadDog

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