Thursday, November 4, 2010

And, Speaking of Pontiacs...--Part 1

Pontiacs are still my favorite cars even though they are no longer made. Like they used to boast, "We Build Excitement!"

I have owned five Pontiacs in my life.

Two were bought used and three new.


Tan color, six-cylinder and it would fly with its 6-cylinder overhead drive. Bought it used around 1975. I used this driving back and forth to NIU when I was getting my Master's degree and it would fly down those back roads.

My hippie college prof said one day that he was cruising down the road from Madison and saw this tan car way back and withing a few seconds, it was behind him, passed and was soon out of sight.

It looked just like a poor man's GTO. Of course, GTOs were made off this model.

Wish I Still Had It. --RoadDog

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