Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Historic Tropics Sign Illuminated in Lincoln

From the June 24, 2018, Springfield (Illinois) State Journal Register by Natalie Morris.

It shone for the first time in fifteen years with a ceremonial relighting on June 24.

Lew and Bev Johnson ran the Tropics restaurant from 1953 to 1957 and sold it.  It closed for good in 2003.  Ace Sign Company in Springfield, Illinois, took it this past spring and refurbished the sign for $70,000, replacing the original electric system, some rusted panels and then repainted it,.

The sign weighs 4,200 pounds  The site of the restaurant is now a McDonald's, but they allowed the sign to be put up on their property.

Vince Shwenoha opened the Tropics in 1950.  The name and decor along with the sign came from the time he spent in California while serving in World War II.

The sign was removed from the site in 2014 and it was taken out of storage last year.  They are still some $3,000 short of the $70,000 for the repaired sign.

That Is One Really Pretty Old Sign.  --RoadDog

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