Friday, July 6, 2018

Along 66, June 2018: A New Book and Help for John's Modern Cabins

JUNE 1--  There is a new book out "Route 66: Then and Now" by Joe Sonderman.  I always love before and after shots.  And, especially of my favorite road, you know.

JUNE 2--  The Painted Desert Trading Post and John's Modern Cabins get some TLC.

Twelve volunteers got to work on the forlorn John's Cabins site, removing overgrown vegetation and shoring up the lone remaining cabin still standing.  The cabin has new interior studs, a chemical was sprayed on the exterior walls, tree branches were trimmed and I heard some poison ivy was encountered and some folks now know what poison ivy looks like.

Roamin' Rich had a big hand in this.

The last time we were there in October 2017, we didn't even dare to cross the road over to it because it was so overgrown.  It is not any more.

More help is planned for the site.

Hoping This Will Keep It There a Bit Longer.  Thanks Roamin Rich!!--RoadDog

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