Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Along 66, June 2018: It's All About the Tropics, Man

JUNE 5--  The folks relighting the old Tropics sign in Lincoln, Illinois, this month on June 24 are encouraging celebrants to come in tropical attire.

McDonald's, where the sign is located now, is on the site of the old Tropics Restaurant and will be offering a special at $1.66 for a cheeseburger and small fries all day.  Commemorative tee shirts are for sale.

Vince Schwenoha traveled to California during World War II and drew inspiration  for his new restaurant, the Tropics, from the palm trees.  he designed the iconic neon sign in 1950.

Lew and Bev Johnson ran it for the  decades and then it went through many closings and openings after it was bypassed by I-55.  It closed for good in 2003.  In 2006 the Tropics Restaurant was inducted into the Illinois Route 66 Association's Hall of Fame

The sign was eventually taken down and placed in a city-owned field where it rapidly decayed.  In June 2016, Ace Sign Co. of Springfield, Illinois received it and began redoing it for $70,000.

Sure Glad We Got A Chance To Go To the Tropics in 2003.  --RoadTrops

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