Friday, February 16, 2018

Travelin' With My Music

Music is a big part of any of my travels down the road.  I go between radio stations and CDs.  (Well, if I had a cassette player on the '11 Malibu, I'd play that as well.

My brother and sister swear by that Sirius/XM radio with no commercials, and I enjoy it when I get in their cars, but would rather get local color as I travel and that means the local radio stations.  With Sirius/XM, it is the same old same old the whole way.  You never know what you're going get, even that horrible rap.  Needless to say, those stations don't stay on very long.

Now, when I'm traveling by myself, I put on CDs that I haven't heard before, but when Liz is with me, as was the case for the trip to Panama City Beach these past two weeks, I bring along greatest hits collections as she likes songs she's heard before.

We made a long list of good stations (Oldies and Country Oldies mostly) which we listened to on the recent trip.


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