Sunday, February 11, 2018

Along 66, January 2018: Kingman Gateway Arch, John T. Woodruff and the Rose Bowl

These are taken from the Route 66 News which has a daily list of things happening along 66.  I just pick out the ones of most interest to me.

JANUARY 7--  Kingman considers a gateway arch design.  They will choose from five possible choices.  I always like a good gateway arch for a city like the one in Dixon, Illinois.

JANUARY 7--  John T. Woodruff's 150th birthday commemorated in Springfield, Missouri.  he was a major early developer of the city and a key figure in the establishment of Route 66.  His former Kentwood Arms Hotel in Springfield is now a dormitory of Missouri State University.

JANUARY 9--  Tulsa's unique 1961 Rose Bowl building is reopening as the 918 Flea Market.  The Rose Bowl opened as a bowling alley.

I always like to see a new use for an ld structure, especially a unique one.


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