Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: A Fire and An Inn

SEPTEMBER 24--  Fire damaged the long-closed Paradise Motel in Tucumcari and damaged the main office building and one of the rooms.  Happily, there was no damage to its distinctive sign.

So, what's with the fires in Tucumcari?

SEPTEMBER 25-- The City of Pacific, Missouri, agrees to buy the long-closed Red Cedar Inn restaurant and plans to turn it into a museum and visitors center.  It closed abruptly in 2005 and the city tried to buy the NRHP site in 2007 and 2013.  The restaurant was built in 1932 by the Smith brothers and a bar was added ten years later.

So glad to hear this as we didn't go to it the last two years it was open and we had begun cruising Route 66, something on our list of things we wanted to do.    This is definitely a place we'll visit after it opens (but too bad we won't be able to eat there.

And, it is a neat-looking old building.  Pacific also acquired Jensen Point atop that bluff, so this is definitely a town taking care of its Route 66 heritage.

Way to Go, Pacific!  --RoadDog

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