Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: A Book and a Classen

SEPTEMBER 27--  Jim Hinckley has a new book "100 Things to Do On Route 66 Before You Die."  Kind of a "Bucket List."  Always good to have another new 66 book.

On our trip we added a new book to our collection, ""One Hundred and One Sights and Attractions on Illinois Route 66" by David Alan Badger where he illustrated everything with his own drawings of them.

SEPTEMBER 29--  The landowner of the Classen Circle in Oklahoma City plans to demolish the site regardless.  Sorry to hear this as the structures on it look to be interesting, though Liz and I can't remember ever driving by it.  We only went as far as Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma on our recent trip as we cruised 66 when we were 66.


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