Monday, November 6, 2017

Along 66, October 2017: Tom, Elbow and Launching

OCTOBER 3--  Tom Petty died.  He did a cover of "Get Your Kicks on Route 66."  A great performer, despite having a bad singing voice, but somehow, his songs fit his voice very well.  I probably have 13 CDs and albums by him and this past month, we listened to his "Into the Great Wide Open" CD on our 66 on 66 Cruise.

OCTOBER 6--  Elbow Inn's main building reopened.  We visited there on October 12 and had a drink on our 66 On 66 Cruise.  You'd never know they had a flood, but we were shown how high the water had gotten from the spring floods.

OCTOBER 7--  The Launching Pad Drive-In in Wilmington, Illinois, has new owners and they plan to reopen the place in late spring 2018.  New owners are Tully Garrett and Holly Barker and they will take possession on October 16.

The place has been closed since 2010.  They plan to also have a souvenir stand and food trucks.  If I remember correctly, Holly used to live in North Carolina and worked in restaurants.  Wouldn't it be great if she started serving Carolina '

Good Ol' BBQ, Cole Slaw & Hush Puppies.  --RoadDog

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