Thursday, April 6, 2017

PCB 2017: Through Indiana

We crossed the Ohio River at Henderson and now ere in Evansville, a city that sure has a lot of stoplights on its stretch of US-41.  And they continue way north to the I-64 interchange.  This is a town (along with Terre Haute) which could really use a bypass.  But, one of these days I would like to spend some time looking at things around town.

But, once through the Evansville area, it is clear cruising, other than an occasional stoplight the whole way (except, of course, Terre Haute) until we got off at I-74.  I had hoped to get gas in Terre Haute, home of Indiana State University, but it was $2.34 to $2.36, a bit higher than what we had been paying.  We were getting mighty low on gas by the time we got to I-74.


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