Saturday, April 1, 2017

PCB 2017: It's All About the Bradford Pear Trees Blooming

The Pennyrile Parkway is limited access the whole way through the state and an easy ride.  I am still amazed that it was built as a tollway, with the promise that once it was paid off, the tolls would be dropped.  And, they REALLY did!!

The Bradford pear trees were blooming all along the road, and especially in and around Madisonville.  This town could be named the Bradford Pear Capital of the United States.  There are no prettier blooming trees anywhere, even the cherry trees.  There is a Bradford Pear Lane in the city.  I don't know if the numbers of these trees in this town were accidental or if they were planted on purpose.  Either way, it is a striking view.

If I lived there I'd push for a Bradford Pear Festival this time of the year.

Bradford pear trees are among my favorite.  Those gorgeous blooms in the spring and then they are generally the very last trees to lose their leaves in the fall and turn that beautiful russet red color.

Once you get to Henderson, Kentucky, at the northern end of the Pennyrile Parkway, you lose the limited access and hit some stoplights in a commercial district before crossing the Ohio River into Evansville, Indiana.

Bradford Pear Tree Capital of the United States  --RoadDog

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