Friday, April 7, 2017

PCB 2017: Finally Arrive Home: Eagle Nest, Gas Gouge, Getting Colder

MARCH 2, 2017

From Terre Haute to I-74, we get on Indiana Highway 63, which is four land the whole way.  We got gas at the Pilot Station on Indiana 63 and I-74 exit.for $2.20.  Took the usual I-74 west past Champaign-Urbana to Illinois Highway 47 at Mahomet and then north to Woodstock.

We noticed that gas prices had also increased in Illinois from two weeks ago.  Must be the pre-summer driving season gas gouge that Big Oil and the GRBs like to do on an annual basis.

I have always wanted to get something to eat at the Eagle Nest Restaurant in Forrest, Illinois, and this was the time to do it.  The food was good and reasonable.  I always like to eat at places I drive by so often and this is one of them.

The rest of the trip home, the temperature on the odometer continued to drop until it got to 32 degrees and we began seeing traces of snow.  This is a big drop from yesterday's travel where the temperatures were as high as 78 degrees.

We got home after having driven 2,178 miles.

Love To Travel, But Just As Good To get Home.  --RoadDog

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