Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sycamore's Electric Park Corners Amusement Park-- Part 1

From Living History of Illinois and Chicago "Electric Park Corners, Amusement Park, Sycamore, Illinois, 1904-1931."

Nothing remains of the Electric Park today and, even though I went to NIU, I never heard of it before this mention of it back in 1941.  I did some more research on it.

This amusement park was located about a mile southwest of Sycamore on Route 23 which still has a gradual curve there at the site now.  It is on the first road to the right after leaving Sycamore going south.

It was the first electric amusement center in the area and owned by Henry Groves and consisting of a huge dance pavilion, baseball diamond, theater and other attractions.

An electric trolley line, the Electric Traction Company, connected DeKalb and Sycamore and helped bring people to the park.  The Electric Park was able to survive the demise of the trolley company.


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