Monday, January 2, 2017

About Those Birdseed Thieves-- Part 1: You Can't Win Against Squirrels Who Want Your Bird Food

From the March 2014 Our State Magazine, North Carolina "Our Most Maligned Mammal" by Susan Stafford Kelly.

"Considered bird-feeder thieves by many --  and even worse by some --  these furry creatures are still our cutest state symbol -- paws down."

In 1969, the N.C. General assembly designated the gray squirrel as the state's official mammal.

Generally speaking, anything squirrel is not a positive reference.  There are no teams nicknamed the Squirrels.  How much fear would that strike in opponents?  No N.C. state products use a squirrel as a logo (although the town of Olney, Illinois, is more than a bit proud of their albino squirrels).  If a person is referred to as a squirrel, that is not good either.

Squirrels eat a big variety of foods:  acorns, fruit, even trees  and are "rapacious, mindless eaters."  "squirrels raid birdfeeders, too...."

Love Those Squirrels.  --RoadDog

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