Tuesday, January 3, 2017

About Those Bird-Feeder Thievin' Squirrels-- Part 3: My Own Little Personal War

They weren't a problem here in northern Illinois in our subdivision since it was a new one and all the trees in our part of the subdivision were all planted new.  But that was 24 years ago and now the trees are getting bigger and so is our squirrel population.  My conflict with them continues getting bigger every year and it is all about my three bird feeders.

Squirrels really, really like the sunflower seed I put out for the birds, but won't touch the safflower seeds.  (That is the favorite of a close cousin of theirs whom I also battle, the chipmunks.)

I occasionally to come up with a way that baffles these varmints temporarily, but they always come up with a way to get that seed.  But, it is hilarious to watch them looking up at the feeder and you can just see those little minds a thinkin' and a-thinkin'.

And, i even put out unsalted peanuts for the squirrels and chipmunks.

I am amazed at how far both groups of birdseed thieves can jump.

Good Thing I Like Them So Much.  --RoadDog

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