Monday, January 18, 2016

News From Along Route 66-- December 2015: Rockers, Gas Stations and Bikes

DECEMBER 14TH--  The World's Largest Rocker gets a new color and new name.  It is located at the Fanning Route 66 Outpost in Fanning, Missouri (near Cuba).  It is now painted red and called "The Route 66 Red Rocker."  One of the New Attractions on the Mother Road and a very welcome addition.

DECEMBER 16TH--  Normal, Illinois, plans to improve its Route 66 Bike Trail, spending up to $260,000.  It is so nice to see the twin cities in Illinois (the other one is Bloomington) FINALLY doing something with their Mother Road heritage.

DECEMBER 18TH--  The Foyil, Oklahoma, gas station was added to the NRHP.  It dates to the 1920s.  I love those old gas stations.


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