Friday, January 8, 2016

Eight Other New Year's Eve Symbols-- Part 2: Potato, Conch Shell, Music Note

POTATO--  Boise, Idaho, 17 feet tall, eight feet wide.  For the third year an 800-pound potato, which is made of foam and resin attached to a steel frame, will be lowered by crane.

New this year, the massive potato will be lowered in a park in front of Idaho's Capitol building.

CONCH SHELL--  Key West, Florida, 6 feet tall.  People native to Key West refer to themselves as Conchs and their home as the Conch Republic (they even have a flag).

Sloppy Joe's, a bar famous for its former patron author, Ernest Hemingway, began this tradition 23 years ago atop its roof.  We were at the New Year's celebration in Key West back in the 90s.  Wore me out.

MUSIC NOTE--  Nashville, 15 feet tall.  Lowered at the stroke of midnight from a 145-foot structure in downtown Nashville, the red music note is covered in more than 150 feet of LED lights and 425 lightbulbs.

Crazy Key West.  --RoadDog

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