Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Towers of Topsail-- Part 3: Seven of the Eight Towers Remain

The missiles tested at Topsail island ranged from 3 to 13 feet in length and were constructed and test on site along the 26-mile stretch of the island.

The Assembly Building, now maintained by the Historical Society of Topsail, is home to the Missiles and More Museum, which had numerous artifacts from the missile testing.  The control tower which is shorter from the other towers, sits in a direct line from the Assembly Building and the launch pad (by the Jolly Roger Motel).  the bombproof observation room now serves at the motel's basement.

The towers were centered on "concrete slabs supported on creosoted piles driven to a minimum depth of 20 feet and 15 tons of bearing.

Seven of the original eight towers still remain, although a few have been merged into beachfront homes and are hard to recognize.  Three of the "Tower" residences are private, but Tower 5 is a short-term rental offered through Ward Realty.  So, you have the opportunity to spend a night in a piece of history.

The Missiles and More Museum and Tower 2, considered to be the most original of the emaining towers are both on the National register of Historic Places.


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