Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Football Game-- Part 4: Backing the Team

One thing I enjoyed is that they have somehow miked the Northwestern Band so it is easy to hear now that they are on our side of the field down at the south end.  Bob's season tickets are towards the north end.  They used to be across the field from us and easy to hear.  It is always better to hear a band than canned music.

Like college and high school students in most games I've been to lately,students remain standing the whole game, something I don't like.  Hey, I paid for a seat and would like to use it.

As i said, there were lots of Iowa Hawkeye fans in the stadium and Bob's tickets are near the visitors section.  We were fairly well surrounded, especially right in front of us.  The Iowa fans always stand on third down, but remain seated fairly well after that.

Third and Ten!!  --RoadDog

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