Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Northwestern-Iowa Football Game-- Part 3: Northwestern's Losing Streak

Yesterday, I mentioned Northern Illinois breaking Northwestern's losing streak in the past.  This game took place in 1982.  Liz and I were at the game and stuck around and greatly enjoyed the stand-off between the police and Northwestern students over the goal post at the south end of the field after the game.

Of course, the students stormed the field art the final whistle and decided that the way to celebrate would be to take down the goal post.  Around ten police officers tried to stop them and at first there was a stand-off, but gradually the students inched closer (and there were thousands of them).  You could see the cops looking at each other and finally must have decided it was in their best interest to leave and they withdrew.

The students attacked the goal post and initially had difficulty in bringing it down.  Some climbed up onto the poles and it began to shake back and forth and finally came down.  The students then paraded it around the field and then it left the stadium for parts unknown.

We Northern fans were standing and applauding them.  If anyone knows about losing better than us back then, I'd sure like to know who it was.

Actually, Northwestern had set the NCAA FBS record for a losing streak the game before us, having lost 34 games in a row from 1979 to 1982.  That record still stands.


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