Sunday, November 22, 2015

News From Along Route 66-- October 2015

OCTOBER 16--  The historic Belvidere Motel complex is up for sale in Litchfield, Illinois.  It consists of a house,, cafe, gas station and motel.  Cost is $250,000 if you want to buy it.  On NRHP and the single family residence is described as well-maintained.

Built in 1935 by European immigrants Albina and Vincenzo Cerolla.  In the 1940s and 1950s it was a popular stop.  The cafe was the Cheers of its time.  The restaurant remained open until several years ago when it moved to another location.

It is a neat looking place which I always drive by when I'm in Litchfield.  I did get the chance to eat at the restaurant before it closed.

OCTOBER 17--  The Gasconade River bridge has been placed on the Missouri improvement list after being closed.  By Hazelgreen, Missouri.  And, it is a bridge that looks like abridge.

OCTOBER 20--  Lebanon, Missouri, will hold the groundbreaking Thursday for its Route 66 park.  I'm looking forward to seeing the Nelson Dream Fountain recreation.


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