Thursday, June 27, 2013

Now, I'm Participating in the Lincoln Highway Centennial, Well, a Little Bit Anyway

In just a few minutes I'm out the door and driving to Dekalb, Illinois, where I will watch the west-bound caravan of classic cars that left Times Square in New York City Sunday, headed for Kearney, Nebraska, for this weekend's celebration and the following week's Lincoln Highway Association 2013 Annual Conference there.

Hoping to meet up with my buddy Denny, who has been in the caravan since New York City, driving his 1963 Comet convertible, which, as he says the highway was fifty yerars old when his car was made and now the car is fifty years old and driving the Lincoln Highway on its centennial celebration.

I want to show him my old school, Northern Illinois University, which is right on the Lincoln Highway.  Altgeld Hall, the original building of the school has been beautifully restored, plus they have turned Cole Hall into a striking memorial for the five students killed by the mad man five years ago.  Maybe we will find William the Goose's marker at the Lagoon.

Then, perhaps partake of some good old deep-fried Cajun potato salad and beer nuggets at Fatty's on the Lincoln Highway.  Of course, neither are particularly good for you, but taste mighty good, especially if you've never had them before.

Then, I will follow out to Rochelle and Franklin Grove before returning home tonight.

Gettin' My Lincoln On.  --RoadDog

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