Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North Carolina's Highways-- Part 2: Central Highway to US-70

North Carolina's Highway System Takes Shape
In the early 20th century, a dual vision of state-supported education and infrastructure to get the state out of its chronic poverty was proposed.  At first, railroads were envisioned to connect ports with inland markets, but as the automobile age arrived, it turned to highways.

The corridor from Morehead City on the coast to Asheville in the mountains became the path of the first unified "motor-road" in the state.  It was connected and improved under the administration of Governor Locke Craig (1913-1917). 

It was first called the "Central Highway" and sometimes the "Main Street of North Carolina."  Later, it became "N.C. 10" or just "Old No. 10."  With the advent of the Federal Highway System, it then became US-70.

So, That 70.  --RoadDog

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