Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bras Pose Problem at Holler House in Milwaukee

From the June 11, 2013, USA Today.

And this story made the State-By-State News page for Wisconsin!

I wrote a couple entries about this great spot in Milwaukee, one that I'd never heard of before and one that I definitely need to visit, if not for the bras, but for that historic bowling alley in the basement and its standing as a neighborhood bar/pub.

Here's the article:

"Milwaukee: The historic bowling alley and bar that had to take dozens of bras down from a ceiling is holding a party to rehang them.  A city inspector originally ordered Holler House (what a great name for a bar) owner Marcy Skowronski in April to take the bras down, saying they were a fire hazard.

After the 87-year-old great-grandmother contacted the media and the alderman last month, the city backed down."

Yep, and you never know when one of those contraptions might put somebody's eye out.

The great bra battle.  They have bras hanging from the ceiling at Blarney Island near us here in the Cahin of Lakes.  You have to take a boat to get there.  Do they have to worry?

The Great Bra War.

You Can Never Be Too Careful.  --RoadDog

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