Wednesday, October 13, 2010

North Carolina Bound: Summer 2010-- Part 14-- Perryville Battlefield

Maybe, I'll get through this past August 29th. Maybe not.

I saw a sign for Perryville, Kentucky, ahead on US-150. I got to thinking that I seem to remember a Civil War battle taking place at Perryville. Could this be one and the same?

Entering town, I saw a sign saying Perryville was the home of Eddie Gentry of the country group Montgomery Gentry, but then saw banners for the Civil War battlefield. It was.

I was thinking of driving on through because I was running a bit behind time to meet Denny Gibson in Mount Vernon. East of town it hit me, I really just couldn't pass up a battlefield I'd never been to before, so doubled back.

I didn't see any signs directing me to it so went down several roads. I was about to give up when I finally found a directional sign and had to drive several miles on a very narrow road before getting to it. (I later found that the sign to the battlefield on US-150 heading east was blocked by a tree. You can see it going west.

On the way into the state park, I saw an old Civil War relic store with a cannon over the front.

There is a nice museum and the battlefield is well-marked. I did walk around a walled-in cemetery and monument across from the museum. I didn't look further, but at least I can say I've been to it. But, as the gov says, "I'll be back."

Marking Perryville Off My List of Civil War Battlefields to Visit. --Old B-Runner

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