Tuesday, April 13, 2010

North Carolina's Bald Head Island

From WECT-6, Wilmington, NC.

Bald Head Island is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and today is an upper scale community with very expensive homes.

Before lighthouses, navigation into the river's mouth was based on looking for the "bald head." The head of an island is normally the highest point which is where we get the name Hilton Head (as well as Oahu's Diamond Head).

In 1794, the US Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and the Second Congress appropriated $4,000 for the construction of a lighthouse atop Bald Head dune. However, the dune eroded and the lighthouse was torn down.

Many of the bricks from the original were used to build the second one which still stands, though it was deactivated in 1935.

Gas-powered cars are not allowed, only bikes and golf carts on the island's few roads.

Rich People. --RoadDog

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