Saturday, April 10, 2010

Four New NTN Sites Added-- Part 2

Sure would have liked to have been in Knoxville, Tennessee for a Volunteer Regional Championship victory, but that was not to be. There are three NTN Buzztime sites right on Cumberland Avenue (US-70) and two others within a couple blocks. I don't know how much playing I would have gotten in, but I SURE would have had a great time.

I drove on through Knoxville out to the west where I knew there were three sites along one stretch of road. I got off I-40 at Ten-131 and went south a block to Parkside Drive. This has to be the biggest single accumulation of all things SHS (Standard Homogenized Stuff) and Big Box I've ever seen, so much in fact, that it made finding the NTN sites difficult.

There were stores on both sides, with some up close to the road and others set farther back. I had to be very careful looking because of all the traffic and lights. Hint, BW3 and Beef are both on north side of road.

I evidently drove by the Beef O' Brady's and saw the BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) and stopped there to play. Big crowd of Tennessee fans, but somehow very subdued.

After a couple games, I went back to Beef O'Brady's and found it this time. Big crowd watching the Duke game, but NTN wasn't on and the bartender didn't want to change one TV, so left. I really hate when this happens.

Last stop was at the end of the road on N. Campbell Station where I found the Mellow Mushroom. There were a group of guys playing and had a nice talk with them and would have liked to stay, but still had over a hundred miles to drive and it was getting dark.

Drove I-40 to Cookeville with the intention of getting a room and playing NTN at the two sites there, but was too tired, so turned in for the night.

NTN Cruisin'. --RoadDog

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