Saturday, May 19, 2007

Down Da Road I Go-- Part 3: Marshall Fields, 37 Miles of Smiles, Pig Hip, Corn Fest

Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway

1. Chicago's old fave, Marshall Fields is no more, but fans have not forgotten the institution we lost this year. Federated Department Stores, who changed the name to Macy's, reports that sales have been very disappointing thus far. I hated to lose the store, but rarely shopped at it because they were a bit too expensive.

2. Logan County, Illinois, is hosting a garage sale along Route 66 called "37 Miles of Smiles" on June 9th-10th. The towns of Atlanta (home of the ugliest watertower I've ever seen with a big smiley face on it), Lawndale, Lincoln, Broadview, and Elkhart will be participating. Not only will there be lots of garage sales, but also vendors will be set up at strategic points along the route.

This will also be in conjunction with Ernie Edwards, "The Old Coot on 66"'s 91st birthday. He operated the late great Pig Hip Restaurant from the 1937 to 1992. He is quite a character and was out working on a split rail fence when I stopped by back in April, at that age!!! He plans to have some of those great Pig Hip sandwiches on hand for visitors. However, I have to work back here so won't have the opportunity to enjoy it.  I have always really wanted a Pig Hip sandwich.

This also is being held at the same time that the Route 66 Association of Illinois is having their annual Motor Tour through  Logan County. I am a member of it. Again, I won't be able to participate in it. Sigh! Probably couldn't afford the gas anyway!!!

3. One of our favorite places to visit in August is DeKalb, Illinois, where Liz and I went to college at Northern Illinois University. School starts and usually the Huskies have a home game. But the biggest reason is Corn Fest.

Plans are already underway for the 30th annual one, Aug 24-26 this year. Lots of corn (even free ears from 10-noon Saturday), food, and music as DeKalb's Main Street, the old Lincoln Highway, is closed between First and Fourth streets along with many of the side streets.

However, Corn Fest 2008 will be held elsewhere because of anticipated road repairs. They're thinking of having it at either the DeKalb airport or the NIU Convocation Center. It is still to be seen if it will return to Main Street in 2009. I sure hope it does.

Scheduled for this year already are country band Sawyer Brown and American Idol finalist Becky Covington as well as many local favorites.

Last year, both Liz and I got carded going into Andy's. Can you imagine getting carded at age 55!!!! We thought they were kidding, but they weren't.

4. The 28th Annual Lincoln Highway Bridge Festival is being held this weekend in Tama, Iowa. This is a celebration of what many consider to be the prettiest bridge along all of Lincoln Highway. It is a small one with the words Lincoln Highway formed in the guardrails. At one time it was to be destroyed but saved by a civic movement.

We've been by it several times and this is AN impressive structure.

Of interest, today at 3:30, the band Route 66 will be playing. How about that, Route 66 on the Lincoln Highway. Bet they'll play "Get Your Kicks on the Lincoln Highway."

Now, why would anyone ever consider putting a Smiley Face up on their Watertower? --RoadDog

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