Friday, May 3, 2019

2017 Indy 500-- Part 12: Watchin' the Cars Go Round


We're inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway now and the cars that will be racing on Sunday are running around the track and it is noisy,especially where we are sitting (not where we watch the race as we move around on Carb Day to get the different spectator experiences.  Right now we are in the main grandstands just north of Turn One.  We normally sit on what is called the Catwalk, way  up high between the 1st and 2nd turns.

A whole lot noisier here.

Most of the cars pitted after just one lap for adjustments.  They don't have to run for the whole hour, just until they're satisfied with their car's performance.  The pit crews are not moving as fast as they will on race day when every tenth of a second counts dearly.

Scott Dixon, who was held up earlier this week is in car #9, sponsored by Game World.

We took the elevator up to the upper grandstand.  Stairs really get me with my age.  Only too happy to take an elevator whenever possible.


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