Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 1: Boat Out and Herman's Low Life Bar


Always a sad day when we pull the boat out of the water, but something that has to be done because winter's approaching fast and we'll be gone much of the next two weeks.  Liz powered the boat up on the trailer at the American Legion and I took it home.

Because of the crummy weather this year, too wet and cool in the spring, the deluge in July that closed the Chain of Lakes for three weeks because of the flooding and then the extreme hot and cold weeks, we only got out in the boat 20 times.  We always shoot for at least 40.

We then went southward to Barrington Shores, Illinois, on the Fox River and went to Herman's Low Life Bar, a small dive bar that we especially love and just wish it was closer as we would sure go there much more often. It dates to the 1920s, owned by the same family, and hasn't changed very much from back when the Chicago suburbs were really out in the boonies.

We had a half price frozen pizza with a Chain Crawl coupon.  Herman's is also home for the Hot Cop Porn.  Their menu is on a sign and uses movable letters and everyone kept changing the letters from hot popcorn to hot cop porn so they got tired of changing it back and just left it.  Kind of a tradition now.

And, we always find folks to talk to when we're there.

Always a good place to talk with people you don't know.  A real neighborhood "Cheers" sort of place.  They have two trees that died and a wood sculptor has turned one into a giant Herman's Low Life beer bottle and the other one into a giant fish jumping out of the water.

Another name for the place is Herman's Rest-A-While Bar.

I've Got Friends in Low Places.  --RoadDog

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