Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Two Festivals On Route 66 in Missouri Last Weekend and We Missed Them Both

This last weekend, there were two fun festivals on Route 66 in Missouri (or do you say Missoura?).

Unfortunately, we were in Illinois for most of it on our way back home.

Carthage was having their Maple Leaf Festival.  The city is noted for its abundance of maple trees and even calls itself Maple Leaf City.  They have standard festival stuff going on, all of which I like, but I especially like its parade which will feature 15+ marching bands.  Marching bands are my favorite part of any parade and sadly, most parades only have one or two and sometimes none.

Cuba is having Cuba Fest (I also saw it called Viva Cuba, reflecting its name and that island in the Caribbean I suppose. Some of it was going on when we left the Wagon Wheel Motel this past Saturday.  We did drive always west out of Cuba, though, looking for Bob's Gasoline Alley which is not always open but is for the festival.  We drove as far as Fanning Outpost, but didn't see it and turned around.

Well, Two Festivals We Didn't Get to See.  Maybe Next Year.  --RoadFest.

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