Monday, December 5, 2016

What's In a Carolina Name? -- Part 2: Some More Strange Creek Names Like Devil's Gut

4.  NUBBINSCUFFLE CREEK  --Yancey County   Flows into Bald Creek.

5.  POSSUM TROT CREEK--  Yancey County   An early settler riding his horse along the creek spied a running possum, keeping pace with him along the creek.

6.  DEVIL'S GUT--  A stream and inlet on the Roanoke River.

7.  POLECAT CREEK--  There are actually six of them in N.C..  A polecat is sometimes the name for a black-footed ferret.
8.  DIRTY BRITCHES CREEK--  Buncombe County  An Indian was seen washing his pants in it.

9.  ROUGH BUTT CREEK--  Jackson County    Probably a good story here, nut none given.

I Slid Down the Embankment on My Posterior and Got a Rough Butt.  --RoadDog

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