Saturday, December 3, 2016

What's in a Carolina Name? --Part 1: Some Oddly-Named Creeks Like Lick Log Creek

From the August 2016, Our State magazine "Up a Creek" by Alan Hodge.

Actually, this was a quiz  and I guessed my way to 5 of 9 correct.  I had no idea of any of the answers, but am a pretty good guesser.

Here are some strangely-named creeks in North Carolina and the county they are in, in case you want to go and check them out.  Also included is how they might have gotten their name.

1.  LICK LOG CREEK--  Clay County.  Named for a nearby salt lick for cattle.

2.  PINCHGUT CREEK--  Caldwell County.  A hunter was supposedly very hungry.

3.  TUMBLE BUG CREEK--  Henderson County  Flows into the Little Hungry River

Well, i reckon If You Call Yourself Tar Heel, these Names Aren't So Weird.  --RoadDog

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