Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Travelin' CDs, North Carolina Fall 2016-- Part 3: Croweology


Probably one of the hardest to read track listings I've ever had to do.  This style of print would have fit right in at Haight-Asbury back in the good old hippie days.  Thankfully, the tracks were listed on the Malibu's CD player.

Judging by the songs  "Jealous Again," Remedy" and "She Talks to Angels," I was at first under the impression that this was a greatest hits compilation.  But the three I just listed didn't quite sound like the versions I had heard of before.

Today, I looked up the album on Wikipedia and found out that this was a redoing of their old songs.

They did not, however, have "Hard to Handle."

I liked how the Wiki article listed this album for genres as all rock, but: blues, hard, Southern, acoustic, folk and jazz.  There's a little bit of everything in this double album with twenty tracks.

I especially liked the songs "Share the Ride," "Downtown Money Waster" and "Thorn in My Side."

Plus, you get your own little "Croweology" sticker and a four panel Cd to open with a pop up.

Such a Deal.  --RoadDog

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