Friday, October 14, 2016

Good Times Here Last Weekend-- Part 7: Filling Up on "Tastes" and Beer

We have learned that the best way to do a "Taste" walk like this is to just get one thing between us and split it.  That way you will be able to make it to more places before you get full.  And these portions to "taste" are definitely not small.  Of course, at many places we washed it down with liquid libations.

The next two stops were also ones we needed to go to to get passport stamps for the Chain Crawl (41 places to go during one summer and fall).  Between the weather and going to N.C. so often this year we still have a lot of places to visit for those stamps.  The big end-of-crawl party is October 22nd.  Unfortunately, we won't be attending because of Northern Illinois' Homecoming.

Chain' O' Lakes Brewing Company is a purveyor of craft beer and we got two samplers and sat outside in the biergarten and were entertained by a solo performer.  Hey, after all, it is Oktoberfest.  Then, we went to Corkscrew Pointe which had mini Bloody Marys for a buck.  We watched the end of the Bears loss to the Colts there.  We sure could have won this one.

We then had biscuits & gravy and mac & cheese at Little Chef Restaurant and country rigatoni at Bimbo's Italian Kitchen.

Next was pumpkin pancakes at Windhill Pancake Parlor which now has all their Halloween decorations up which sure are impressive.  Last stop was Foxhole Tap & Pizzeria, located in the basement of the 1880s hotel where we had bruschetta, pulled pork sliders and pizza slices.  We were joined by Glenn and Barb (some of our Usual Suspects) there.  We later adjourned to Sunnyside for a couple more before calling it a day.

Mighty Full for Some Reason.  --RoadAteTooMuchDog

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