Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Road Work Ahead, NC 2014 Trip-- Part 31: Beach Walking, "Lima Beans" and the Jolly Roger Pier

JULY 29TH:  Bob and I walked the mile from the cottage to the Jolly Roger Pier and sat out at the end (after paying our $1 entrance fee) and watched the fishermen and enjoyed their "stories."    They had a big tank of water at the end and fishermen would drop what they caught in it.  One guy caught a small Spanish mackerel on it.  There were a lot of much smaller spots in it who kept as far away from the mackerel as they could..  That mackerel was quite agitated and really swimming around the tank at a fast clip.

I collected quite a load of the "lima bean" rocks going there and back.  These are ancient stones that have been ground and polished during thousands of year in the ocean and so named because of their size and shape.  Actually, it was Dad who named them for us.

Sometimes they are all over the beach, sometimes you can't find any.  The best ones for me are the small ones that are almost opaque.  I have never seen these "lima beans" on any other beach, even the nearby Carolina Beach


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