Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's NIU Homecoming-- Part 3: Lord Stanley's and the Footstompers

OCTOBER 11, 2014

We drove to Sully's on Lincoln Highway, but they didn't have the NIU game on TV, so went to Lord Stanley's, also on Lincoln Highway (the old Shamrock back in our student days) and were able to get seats at the bar even though there was already a big crowd there.  We were able to watch the rest of the sad homecoming game.  We played as badly as we could (think Chicago Bears on a bad Cutler day) and Central Michigan played well (think Packers on a regular Rodgers day) and it never was much of a game after the first quarter.

Talked with Rick, the tuba player with the Footstompers, who is a huge Huskie fan and he was more than a bit peeved by our effort.

Even so, the vibes in Lord Stanley's was high and everyone enjoying themselves, some way past when they should have stopped.  There were other college football games on and everyone was excited about the Black Hawks game which would begin soon.  Lord Stanley's is a huge hockey bar with all sorts of hockey stuff everywhere you look.  Obviously a whole lot of it is Black Hawk.

And, of course, the Footstompers were about to play.

A Great Time Looming, Even If Our 28-Game Home Winning Streak Was Snapped.  --RoadDog

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