Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Back, At Least for Awhile

Still fighting those folks at Blogspot who took my seven blogs partially off line for some reason.  All they said was that Blogspot no longer supports my browser, but NOT WHY, which would be extremely helpful.  It seems to be a ploy to get me onto their Chrome thing.

I've been out of the blog biz for a little over a month now and greatly enjoying it.  All this new-found time is great, especially now that boating and festival season has arrived.

That's too bad as they have a fantastic service,  I just wish that Yahoo could have come up with a good one, but their effort comes no where near to this.

This was the second time they did it to me. 

Oh Well.  I guess if you get a service for free, you can be too demanding.


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