Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bradbury Rode With Slow Company: Never Got Driver's License-- Part 2

JACK KEROUAC--  The author of "On the Road" drove rarely and hesitantly, once saying he didn't "know how to drive, just typewrite."  He also didn't know much about punctuation.

VLADIMIR NABOKAV--  The nondriver wrote "Lolita" in which a key character was fatally struck by a car.

ERICH VON STROHEIM--  When he played the chaffeur in the film "Sunset Boulevard," he was only pretending to drive.  The car was actually being towed.

ELIZABETH BISHOP--  The famous poet bought at least two cars, but didn't learn how to drive wither one.

ALBERT EINSTEIN--  Who says he was a genius.  He didn't even know how to drive.

I'm adding JOE WALSH of the James Gang and Eagles and solo, who in that one song wrote that he had a Mazzeratti but didn't drive it.  Well, actually he didn't drive it because he lost his license, but he did have a chaffeur to drive him around.

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