Monday, June 25, 2012

Four Days, Five Bars, Boating, One Festival, Three Bands and One Karaoke

We don't hit the road as much as we used to because of the horendous gas prices.  I can afford it, but just don't like to make those GRBs any richer than I have to.  Of course, it is not like we don't live in a great place even without venturing far away.

Since this past Thursday:

THURSDAY --  After boating (mostly a boat-float, we drove up to Antioch, Illinois, and had wings on the deck at the Sequiot Lodge and walked over to the bandshell for the R-Gang concert on the It's Thursday series.  We've seen them several time at Captain's and they are one of the best soul bands around. 

FRIDAY -- Another day of boating, this time with breakfast at the local McDonald's (you can boat to it) and then cruising Pistakee Lake, Nippersink Lake and Fox Lake.   Then, met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday on Fox Lake and later sang "The Weight" by the Band at the American legion on Nippersink Lake.  Then, Cajun and I did a blistering version of David Allan Coe's "You Never Even Call Me By My Name," you know, "The Perfect Country and Western Song."

SATURDAY--  After yardwork and a memorial for friend George Larsen who died, we went to the Route 12 Bar and Grill on US-Highway 12 and had a great time with Terry Spizzirri and his nephew Gregg playing on keyboards.

SUNDAY--  Bob Stroud did his annual Summer Songs show.  After yardwork, we went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and sat out at the outside bar and watched one of our favorite local bands, Soda put on an unbelievably deep show of music ranging from the 60s to present.

With This Much Fun at Home, Why Go Somewhere Else.  --RoadDog

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