Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sad Scenes from the Riviera-- Part 2

Saying goodbye, sadly, to a great Route 66 site.

Here's hoping that at least the letters, or even better, the whole section that remains standing of the old Riviera will be saved. A great place for it would be at the Route 66 Museum and Hall of Fame in Pontiac.

We need to preserve at least some part of it, both for those of us who were there and those 66ers who will never have the opportunity.


On an unrelated incident, I read that Pop's in Arcadia, Oklahoma, temporarily became an island thanks to all the massive rain that has hit the state of late. Perhaps they will secede and form their own country. "I pledge allegiance to the pop for which I drink. And should I have to swin for it, so be it."

Sounds Like a Good a Good Job for the Illinois Preservation Committee, Right, John W.. --RoadDog

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