Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Times in the Area-- Part 2

This past weekend:

FRIDAY JUNE 4th-- Kevin and Kelly's End-of-the Year Party on Fox Lake (Illinois).

An annual tradition stemming from our end-of-the-year parties and a worthy successor. Weather was iffy, but it never rained as we were outside by the lake. For the first time ever, the keg was finished off. It has never happened before. No Day-After parties for us this year. We'd come over and continue drinking and eating for as many as three times before this sad date.

Come on guys, lay off the beer!!

SUNDAY JUNE 6th-- Drove back to Captain's Quarters where we had a party with a band called R-Gang, 4 blacks and 2 whites, who played 60s and 70s soul music. With two lead singers, they could do it all. Mighty good time.

Then, it was a Blackhawk victory down in the basement Margaritaville Bar.

Still Growing Older, But Not Up. --RoadDog

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