Monday, February 15, 2010

Save That Old Building!! A Piece of the Old Route 66

Came across an old article from the September 19, 2008, Chicago Tribune about Chicagoland sites that were listed as endangered by Landmarks Illinois. This was their 7th annual list.

Of the most interest to me was the Castle Car Wash at 3801 W, Ogden Avenue which was built in 1925 as Murphy's Filling Station along what was then Route 66. It's name now reflects the castle-like facade of the building.

Back in 2008, it was vacant and deteriorating.

I am happy to report that I have read that through the efforts of Dave Clark, it has a new owner who is restoring the building with intentions of turning it into a Route 66 center.

I have never been by it as I am more than a bit afraid of the neighborhood it is in, even though Dave always assures that it is not as bad as I think. This is one stretch of 66 that Liz and I have never been on.

Always Great When a Piece of the Old Road is Saved!! --RoadDog

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