Monday, February 22, 2010

The Canadians and the Argentine

Last night, we walked across Front Beach Road to the Bahama Bob's at the Calypso restaurant and found a big crowd watching the USA-Canada hockey game. And these folks mostly weren't cheering for the good old red, white and blue.

Got a couple stools at the bar and watched curling for awhile and the hockey game on another TV. Enjoyed the $1.35 pints while doing so.

We asked the girl sitting next to us who was watching curling, if she knew anything about the sport. She didn't, but we found out she was an exchange student from Argentina.

We did get to talking about one of my new favorite sports, rugby. She said they were big rugby fans in Argentina and have a team called the Pumas.

Three other guys were at the bar watching the hockey team and one began talking to her about the hockey game, which she wasn't familiar with at all. He informed her that she should be pulling for the guys in the red jerseys as they were the "Good Guys." Wait a minute the USA was wearing the white. How could red possibly be the "Good Guys?"

Just another Canadian trick to fool the uninformed if you ask me.

The US was up 2-1, but you should have heard the cheering when Canada scored to tie it up.

Sorry you Canadian visitors, but the real "Good Guys" won 5-3 despite Canadian 45-26 shots on goal. That is some great defense USA!!

Good Guys Win! Good Guys Win!! --RoadDog

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