Friday, February 5, 2010

Norb Andy's is Back!!

While we were talking with the guy from Springfield, Illinois, he mentioned that a favorite place of ours is back, Norb Andy's. Until it closed several years ago, no trip along Route 66 in this town was complete without one trip to this venerable institution, located just a few blocks from the current state capitol building.

Loved those $1 drafts and just people watching. Our favorite was a very flamboyant lobbyist who was always there and worth a listen.

This is also where we had our very first-ever Central Illinois food called a horseshoe. That first time, we had seen the name at a bar and someone had told us Norb Andy's was the place to get one so we walked a short distance over to it.

This is where I also made the poignant question, "What's the difference between a horseshoe and a ponyshoe?"

We had once met the owner of the Alamo Bar (home of the local Blues Scene) at that bar and found out he also owned Norb Andy's but had closed when the city tore up the street in front of it. But, we've heard there may have been other reasons.

Anyway, we sure are glad it is open again and look forward to going downstairs once again.

And, speaking of downstairs, I see that the Riviera in Gardner is once again open and featuring all the great food they were so noted for.

Welcome Back, Norb. --RoadDog

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Hi RoadDog,

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