Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Week In the Life-- Part 5: Enjoying the House, A Band and Classic Cars


FP.  Then on the internet, as I do most every day.  These blogs take a lot of time and effort. Today I also got to enjoy the deck (OD) and the gazebo.  I had to cut the grass, which, this time of the year shouldn't have to happen but every two weeks, but this has not been a normal summer.  All the rain we had through early July as well as the cool temperatures is providing an excellent grass growing condition.  And, it is.

Drove to Antioch, Illinois, and parked which required a walk through that beautiful little park and across Main Street to the Lodge which was standing room only.  Looking for a seat it seemed like it was open season on me.  Wherever I stood, I was in somebody's way.  We finally got two seats at the bar and enjoyed some pre-concert beers.  Thursdays they have half price pizza and 60 cent wings (used to be 35 cents) but the price of chicken wings has gone up with their increased popularity).  We ordered a chicken and bacon pizza.

During the summer, Antioch runs It's Thursday concerts from mid-June to mid-August at their bandshell in a park behind the Lodge.  They always have great bands and it's free.  We always make an effort to see these, but this year, this was the very first one.

Tonight the band was Class of '68, as you can figure, sixties music, right up our alley.  Great show and at the same time they were having a classic car show.

Well, I Sure Was a Happy Lad.  --RoadSixties

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