Friday, February 1, 2019

It's Groundhog Day ... Again-- Part 3: Will Winter Be Over Soon Or Continue Another Six Weeks?


It doesn't happen often, but this year, Groundhog Day is actually on Saturday.

And, this is the busiest day.

And, believe me when I say that after this past week, we really can't wait for winter to be OVER!!

7:07 AM   Woodstock Willie the Groundhog, makes his prognostication for the rest of winter from Woodstock Square.  This year featuring Steve Tobolowski, the actor who played Ned Ryerson, the insurance salesman in the movie.  A polka band will also be playing.

"Be sure to wear you booties, cuz it's cold out there."

7:30 to 9:  Official breakfast at Moose Lodge.  $15.

8 to noon:  Groundhog wood carving

8 to noon  Woodstock Opera House and Old Court House tours.

10:00     Storytelling with Jim May at the Home State Bank.

10:00  Movie showing in the theater that was in the movie.


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