Saturday, November 3, 2018

Along 66, September 2018: New Oklahoma 66 Guide and the Black Experience

SEPTEMBER 21--  There is a new Oklahoma Route 66 Guide available.  It is put out by the Oklahoma Tourism Bureau.  More than 120 Route 66 attractions are highlighted.

And, i thought they already had a very good 66 guide.  Every state should have a guide and lots of signage for Route 66.

SEPTEMBER 22--  A new marker in Bloomington, Illinois, tells of Miller Park's role in the era of segregation.  The Blacks-Only beaches here were in very bad shape.

Again, the Black Route 66 Experience is an underwritten segment of our road;s history and I am so glad that more is being written about it.

So You Thought Segregation Was Only a Southern Thing.  --RoadDog

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