Friday, June 22, 2018

Most Iconic Foods of the Indy 500-- Part 1: Mom Unser's Chili

From the May 25, 2018, Indianapolis Star by Liz Biro.

Indy 500 fans will eat around 20,000 pounds of fries on race day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Eating food is a major part of the experience.  And, this is considering that you are allowed to bring food and drinks (alcohol included) into the race track.

That is just food bought at the track.

This past running of the race, No. 102, the places serving food actually gave out of burgers and hot dogs, at least in our area.

Here are some foods closely associated with the race.  Mom Unser's Chili, Breaded Tenderloin Sandwiches, Biscuits and Gravy, St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail, Root Beer and Onion Rings and more.


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